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Change and Install Hardware

Professionally Installed New Hardware

If your cabinets have never had hardware, we can professionally install your new hardware for you. This can be done on new and old doors and drawers.

Change Hardware Size

Change Hardware Size and Location

We can plug the old holes with solid wood dowel rods. Drill new locations & sizes, changing the entire look of cabinets.


Got Trash? Let us help you stow it away

We can reface the section of your cabinet that will allow us to install a soft close double 50 qrt. trash can pull out drawer. Along with purchasing and installing a new custom made matching door. It will all look like it was
there originally.


Sticking drawer? Replace your Drawer Guides

If your old drawers are sticking, or don’t pull out all the way. We can upgrade your drawers to full extension soft close. This can be done on new and old doors and drawers. We also have and hidden under-mount drawer guide available when you upgrade to new drawer boxes.


Change Cabinet Crown Appearance

We can remove your small standard crown. Customize to large crown adding a single new larger crown or add more height with different trim combinations, making your cabinets look larger.


Installing a New Farm Sink? We can help

We can customize your existing cabinets to accept a new farm sink. Complete with new supports and new replacement doors.


Slamming Doors? Upgrade to Soft Close

We can remove your factory direct hinges and replace them with Soft Close European hinges. In either a compact or 2 piece configuration. Never hear that annoying slamming door again.


Can you match this? Yes we can

Our client brought in a glazed sample door from her designer and asked if we could match it without knowing color name or brand names or even the color numbers. This is our match! SO the answer is yes! YES WE CAN


Hate your Ugly Vent hood? Custom Made Woodwork

We can design and build custom Vent Hoods Surrounds & Mantels, all way to full custom cabinets. This vent hood was designed and built by our staff.


Installed Replaced Vent Hood

This custom-built vent hood delivered a knock-out punch for this kitchen remodel. Painted in Antique white with clean line antique faux glaze.


Installed Replacement Vent Hood

This custom-built vent hood was inspired by a previous build we did years prior. Even though the space was much smaller. We still achieved a similar look and feel. Even with the Vent Machine being much lower.


Got Spice? Let us help you keep it within reach

We can convert a section of cabinets to accept spice racks hidden behind cabinet doors. With a custom matching doors.


We make customized drawers just for you

This custom-made drawer replaced two small drawers with wasted space in between. We refaced this section to accept larger more organized drawers.


Dividers in any configuration


Got Coffee? Custom Coffee Drawer made to order


Got Pans? We can help

Let us install you custom pan rack. Get everything stored
away properly, and stop searching for the good baking


Laundry Room Clutter? Custom cabinet solutions available

Ever feel like there’s not enough shove-it space in your laundry room? Well, let’s take care of that. On this project, we made a new fridge surround while making a broom closet. That doubled has hidden clothes hanging spot. Along with additional storage over the washers.


Custom Laundry Room Storage Solutions: Start

Once we measure the washer & dryer we go to work Maximizing storage space. Sometimes it can double has a 2nd pantry.


Custom Laundry Room Storage Solutions Finish

Samples doors

Raw Replacement Door

Before and After completed projects